Home Wi-Fi Network Does Not Show Up in the List of Available Networks During Setup

  1. Check your router to ensure that it is broadcasting in 2.4GHz. Currently, Piper does not support the 5 GHz band. To do this, please refer to your router's documentation or contact the manufacturer.

  2. If your SSID is not hidden, and you are not seeing any Wi-Fi networks, you may need to reset your Piper. To do this, follow these steps:

    1) Close the app completely.

    2) Turn off Piper and wait 20 seconds. 

    3) Hold down Piper's power button for approximately 7 seconds - Piper's LED will flash red a couple of times and then turn yellow. Let go of the power button when the LED is yellow.

    4) Wait a couple of minutes for Piper's LED to turn blue and make a sound.

    5) Run setup again on the app. 


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