"Network disabled because internet connection is slow" Message During Setup


Some Android devices (notably Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4) have a feature called "Auto network switch" that chooses the best Wi-Fi network connection and switches to it. This Android feature can prevent you from connecting to the temporary Wi-Fi network created by your Piper during the first step of setup since it is not a true Internet connection. When you try to connect to Piper network, it will bounce you back to your original Wi-Fi network and the Piper network will have the summary "Network disabled because internet connection is slow" under it.  If you turn this feature off before starting Piper setup, you should have no problem connecting to Piper.  


To disable Auto network switch:


1. Open Wi-Fi Settings on your Android device

2. Press the Menu button and select Advanced

3. Uncheck "Auto network switch"

4. Go back to Wi-Fi Settings

5. Tap "Piper" in the networks list and choose "Connect"

6. Go back into the Piper app and you should see the "Getting list of Wi-Fi networks" message.


You can re-enabled Auto network switch after finishing Wi-Fi setup.

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