How does Piper's night vision work?


Since we released the Piper nv we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of questions, so here’s how Piper’s night vision works:

Piper has always had the ability to detect the light level in its environment, with Piper nv if it detects the ambient light level has gone below the threshold into what it considers darkness, it will automatically flip over to night vision.

While watching live video you can toggle whether Piper is in night vision mode or not using the icon at the bottom with the symbol of the moon on it.  Your options are auto, on, or off, all referring to whether night vision is enabled.  Whatever you select in here will only affect what you’re looking at while in live video, once you leave live video Piper will auto-detect what mode it should be in and switch to it, to make sure any videos captured are in the proper light.

Q: What should I be mindful of?

A: Something you need to be aware of is that when night vision is enabled the infrared LEDs around the camera bathe the area in infrared light.  If your Piper is too close to glass, a reflective surface, or is covered by a box, towel, or something else, the infrared light will bounce back into Piper’s sensors, making Piper think its day time again.  Piper will then turn off night vision, then a few seconds later, since its dark, turn night vision back on, and the cycle will start again and repeat until it’s daytime.  We’re currently working on this issue, but in the meantime please be aware of this and give your Piper plenty of space.

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