Piper Sunset FAQs



1. What will happen to my Piper Classic or Piper NV camera on March 15, 2024?

On March 15, 2024, your Piper cameras and mobile phone applications will automatically shut down and discontinue operation.  At such time you will no longer be able to use the Piper mobile phone application to view live or saved video, change settings or interact in any way with Piper cameras.


2. What if I want to keep my Piper Camera video clips?

After March 15, 2024, your saved video clips will no longer be available. To save video clips, you will need to download them on your phone before March 15, 2024.

To save video clips, please follow these steps on your phone’s Piper App:

1. Tap the Flag button (Events section - see item 1 circled below)

2. Tap the play button (Videos section - see item 2 circled below)

3. Tap the download button (downward facing arrow) next to the video clip you want to download (see item 3 circled below)

4. A red ring will start to appear around the download button, indicating download progress.

5. Once download is complete, the button will momentarily display a checkmark, then return to a downward arrow.

6. Android users can now view their video clips from their phone’s photo gallery. iOS users can view their video clips from their phone's camera roll.

7. If you still need help with downloading clips, please contact us at support@getpiper.com .


3. What if I want to continue to use my Piper Classic or Piper NV until March 15, 2024?

You can continue to use your Piper camera and mobile phone application until March 15, 2024. The functionality and features available today will not change until the discontinuation of service on March 15, 2024. 


4. Will my account data be deleted once the app shuts down?

All user data, including personal data and video clips, will be permanently deleted after March 15, 2024.


5. What will happen to the Z-Wave devices connected to my Piper?

All Z-Wave devices connected via the Piper mobile phone application will no longer be accessible via the app.


6. What will happen if my Piper is armed when the app shuts down?

We recommend that all Piper devices be unpowered and removed by March 15, 2024. If they do stay connected and armed, they may continue to respond for a few days following March 15, 2024 if the siren is enabled, but they will no longer respond to programmed events after that date. No notifications will be received after March 15, 2024.


7. What if I want to create a Piper account before the shutdown on March 15, 2024?

As of December 15, 2023, no additional Piper accounts can be created.





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