The Piper App Says it's "Not connected to Piper" on the Dashboard


This message is displayed on the Dashboard (above the Security Mode Wheel) when the mobile app is unable to reach Piper, which is a Notable State, needing your attention. You'll also find a yellow Notable State icon with dots in the center of Security Mode Wheel.

If nothing has changed in your network setup, checking the following, then tap on the Notable State icon and select "Retry" from the option. 

  1. Make sure that Piper is turned on and that its light is green, meaning that it is operating normally.

  2. Make sure that your mobile device has an Internet connection - whether it's Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE. 

  3. Piper may not have a strong enough Wi-Fi connection. Try moving Piper closer to your router to increase the signal strength.

If you are still unable to connect to Piper, try to restart your modem and router.

If you have changed a setting in your network or changed networks, this may be the cause of this message. Visit this guide for more information about switching networks. 

Note: While the Piper app is in this state, you can still check the events occurred in the past, view/download video clips, and observe the environmental vital changes in the Events tab. 

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