How do I switch Piper to a different Wi-Fi network or update the Wi-Fi password?


If you need to set up Piper on a different Wi-Fi network or at a different location, or if you've changed your home Wi-Fi password, follow these steps:

  1. If your Piper is turned on, turn it off by pressing and holding the button in the back for 5 seconds, until the LED turns off. Wait 20 seconds for shutdown to complete, then your Piper is safe to turn on again.

  2. Power up your Piper and wait for the LED to be flashing yellow.

  3. Double tap (press and release quickly twice) the power button on the back of your Piper. The LED will now turn blue.

  4. Open the app and sign in using your existing account.

  5. When the "Not Connected to Piper" message appears, tap on the yellow triangle icon in the center of Security Mode Wheel and select "Troubleshoot." 

  6. Tap on "Set Up Piper" button.

  7. From here, please follow the instructions from the initial setup to complete the network update.
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