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The App Menu icon is on the top left-hand corner of the Piper app. Tap on this icon to view a list of options, including the Settings screen. From Settings, you can modify account information, customize preferences, and enable additional security features.

My Details

On this screen, you can update personal information, change your password, and change the notification language.

Piper Options

Various Piper settings can be adjusted, including the main Piper’s name, auto re-arming options, motion sensor sensitivity for pets, temperature units, disconnection notifications, siren settings, and weather alerts.

Note: Switches for settings appear blue when on/active, and grey when off/inactive.

  • Auto re-arm Piper:  By enabling this feature, Piper will automatically re-arm itself to its prior armed mode 5 minutes after an event is detected.
    • Automatic re-arming:
      • Users will continue to receive notifications if security events are detected once Piper has re-armed itself.
      • To set this preference, go to Settings> Piper Options and select “Auto re-arm Piper.” 
  • Manual re-arming:
    • If Piper is not automatically or manually re-armed after a security rule is triggered, you will not receive notifications when events are detected.
    • You can also manually re-arm Piper by opening the app and setting Piper back to Armed Away or Armed Stay security mode.
    • Auto re-arm Notifications:
      • Users can be notified with a notification to their mobile device (via a push message) each time Piper automatically re-arms itself.
      • Go to “Notify me upon re-arming” located beneath “Auto re-arm Piper” to enable this notification on.

Note: The “Auto re-arm Piper” feature must be enabled before users can turn on notifications for auto-rearming.

  • Pet at Home: The motion sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted to exclude pets based on their size to avoid false triggers and unnecessary notifications.
  • Temperature Display: Choose between displaying the indoor and outdoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Weather Alerts: Piper can notify you of any local weather alerts. In order to receive these events, enable this feature.
  • Alarm Activation:  When Piper is set to an armed mode, a sound will chime in advance of activation to notify anyone close by. Once the chiming stops, Piper is armed with security rules. You adjust the length of this grace period or disable it completely.
  • Siren Lockout: This setting ensures the siren is always off except when activated via the Panic Button (available on the Dashboard).
  • Siren Delay: An audible warning will chime 10 seconds before a siren sounds in armed security modes to warn those close by.

Trusted Circle

The Trusted Circle is comprised of individuals who will receive notifications if specific security rules are triggered. In the Rules tab, users can customize the alerts their Trusted Circle members receive.

  • To manually add a Trusted Circle member, tap “Add.” Fill out the form with the new contact’s information and choose how Piper should notify this person. Tap “Save” in the upper-right corner to add this contact to your Trusted Circle.
  • To add a Trusted Circle member from your device’s address book, tap on the “Add from Contacts” button to view a list. Select the person you’d like to add to your Trusted Circle, and choose how the member will receive notifications. Finish by saving the entry.

Note:  A maximum of four contacts can be added to your Trusted Circle.

“Notify Trusted Circle” Security Rule

With “Notify Trusted Circle” enabled as a security rule action, the members in your Trusted Circle will receive a notification whenever a configured security event is triggered. 

To set “Notify Trusted Circle” as a security rule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rules tab and select a security mode.
  2. Choose an event. This will bring up a list of applicable security rules.
  3. Toggle on the “Notify trusted circle” rule.

Wireless Accessories

The Wireless Accessories screen allows you to connect new wireless accessories, remove existing ones, and shop for more. Controls for your existing accessories (e.g. turn on/off) may be found in the Wireless Accessory Drawer on the Dashboard. To learn more about wireless accessories, including setup instructions, removal, and where to purchase new accessories, please refer to the Wireless Accessories section.

Video Settings

Piper can adjust the bandwidth utilization of live video based on settings applicable to your mobile device’s connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE). Setting the video’s quality alters how much bandwidth is needed to stream live video. Drag the handle on the slider to the left to decrease the video quality. Drag it to the right to increase the quality.

Multi Piper Management

Instructions for the set up of additional Pipers on the same network can be found in the Multiple Pipers section.

Smart Arming with Life360 (Beta)

Smart Arming is a security feature available to all Piper users. To learn more about this feature, along with set-up instructions, please refer to the Smart Arming section.

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