What happened to Vacation mode?


If you are a long-time Piper user, you may remember the Vacation mode in our old Piper mobile app, and are wondering what happened to it. We gave the entire mobile app a good hard thought and carefully considered all options when deciding how to update its user experience.

The brand new Piper app (version 2.0.0 and up) has a refined and simplified concept of Security Modes comprised of Armed Away, Armed Stay, and Disarmed.

Armed Away — To be used when no one is home. You might want to set up security rules to monitor motion and other activities inside of your home using Piper’s built-in sensors, as well as perimeter security with external door/window sensors.

Armed Stay — To be used when everyone is home. This is especially useful when everyone’s gone to bed for the night. Set up perimeter security with door/window sensors and other rules to keep the unwanted out of your home.

Disarmed — This means Piper is not enforcing the security rules you’ve set, but still providing the all features of Piper, such as viewing live video, controlling wireless accessories, reviewing past events, and running notification and automation rules. Also, the Panic Button – which activates a powerful 105 dB siren – is always available on the Dashboard, even when Piper is disarmed.

We understand that some of you might be accustomed to the Vacation mode in the old Piper app, and disappointed to learn that has been “absorbed” into Armed Away Security Mode. Based on what we’ve learned from customer feedback, and being true to the vision of Piper as a modern smart home product, we wanted to make sure the security features of Piper were as solid and streamlined as possible. As such we’ve made this change to help make our app easier to use.

We hope you’ll give the new Security Modes (and the rest of the new Piper app) a try.

We also have some exciting new features coming in the near future. We believe these forthcoming enhancements will address concerns about the lack of Vacation Mode and add lots of other benefits.


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