Issues Adding Wireless Accessories


If you are having trouble adding a new Z-Wave enabled wireless accessory or adding an accessory that has been previously included with another security system or Z-Wave controller, it can become necessary to remove the accessory from the previous system before you can add it to Piper. The following steps should correct the issue:

  1. Select Settings in the App Menu in the Piper app.
  2. Select Wireless Accessories.
  3. Tap "Remove."
  4. Tap "Start" and wait for the prompt.
  5. Quick press (1 sec) the Z-Wave button on your accessory, which should result in an instant timeout message.
  6. Tap "Add."
  7. Tap "Start" and wait for the prompt.
  8. Quick press (1 sec) the Z-Wave button on your accessory. The app should then prompt you to give the wireless accessory a name.

Note: You may need to refer to the wireless accessory's documentation for more details on how to add (may be referred to as "include") it in your Piper system.


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