Security and Privacy Details


Our goal is to make Piper as secure as possible.

From day one, we built the cloud architecture, mobile app and the device itself to keep customers’ data private and secure. Piper encrypts all outbound communication to its secure cloud using AES-128 and AES-256 algorithms. Furthermore, no inbound connections to Piper are permitted when it’s securing customers’ homes and businesses. All video on our servers are encrypted on disk and the entire software stack (from cloud to app to firmware) is patched on a regular basis, in accordance with industry best practices.

Information transferred between Piper, your mobile device, and the cloud is securely authenticated at all times. A user with the correct credentials will have access to control and interact with only their Piper(s).

To ensure the highest levels of security, we perform quarterly independent security audits using external firms. Our team is relentlessly ensuring that users’ data is protected.


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