The Piper Mobile App - Dashboard


The Dashboard displays information about the present state of your home:  the current security mode, the status of your wireless accessories, and the latest snapshot captured by Piper.

Piper View

The image at the top of the Dashboard displays the latest snapshot captured by Piper.

  • Above the video snapshot is the name of the Piper in question (left) and the time it was taken (right).
  • If you’ve set up more than one Piper, you can swipe left to view their snapshots. Pipers appear in the order they were initially set up.
  • Current weather, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed on the lower right-hand corner of the snapshot.

Note: A description of all icons used in the Piper mobile app can be found at the end of this document.

Live Video

Live video allows you to monitor what Piper is currently viewing. To watch live video from a Piper, tap its video snapshot.

  • Multiple features can be accessed while viewing live video. To bring up live video features, tap the screen once. The icons automatically disappear after a few moments.
    • Tap on this icon to change your Piper’s night vision settings manually or automatically. When set to ‘Auto’, Piper activates night vision if the ambient light level has gone below the visible threshold, and automatically de-activates night vision when there’s enough light.
    • To use two-way audio, tap and hold the microphone icon while speaking into your mobile device. Release the icon when you’re done speaking.
    • Tap on the Wireless Accessory icon to display a list of connected wireless accessories. you can turn switches on or off and adjust dimmer levels. Tap the video once to dismiss these controls.
    • The quad-view icon divides live video into four screens. This enables you to focus in on specific areas of a room while maintaining access to zoom, pan, and tilt features within each quadrant.
    • You can use the brightness slider to adjust the brightness level of live video. Drag the slider down to decrease brightness, or up to increase brightness.
    • Zoom in: Place two fingers on the area you would like to enlarge and separate fingers to expand the live video. Zoom out: Perform the opposite action by pinching or bringing fingers back together on the screen.
    • Pan/Tilt: Slide finger across the screen from top to bottom or side to side.

Security Panel

The Security Panel is the area beneath Piper View and contains the Security Mode Wheel, the Wireless Accessory Drawer, and the Panic Button.

  • Security Mode Wheel: Tap on one of the three modes in the wheel to arm or disarm your Piper. Your corresponding security mode rules, which are defined in the Rules tab, go into effect once active.
    • Armed Away Mode: Piper is armed after a countdown. This mode is recommended for when no one is at home.
    • Armed Stay Mode: Piper is armed immediately. This mode is recommended for when you want your home secured when you’re at home. This is especially useful when you’re going to bed.
    • Disarmed Mode: Piper’s security is disarmed. Only notifications and automations may happen when Piper is disarmed.

Note: To learn more about security rules and how to enable rules for Piper in Armed Away and Armed Stay Mode, please refer to the Rules section.

  • Wireless Accessory Drawer: Tap the Wireless Accessory icon on the top left-hand corner of the Security Panel to open the Wireless Accessory Drawer. This will reveal a list of wireless accessories connected to your Piper system.
    • From the Wireless Accessory Drawer, users can view the current state of sensor accessories (such as door/window sensors) and control wireless accessories with an on/off switch or dimmer (such as a light bulb).
    • A battery icon will appear beside sensor accessories when either a battery is dead or running low.

Note:  To learn more about wireless accessories including product information and set up instructions, see Wireless Accessories.

  • Security Bar: When the Wireless Accessory Drawer is open, a minimized version of the Security Panel is accessible at the bottom of the Dashboard.
    • From the Security Bar, you can close the Wireless Accessory Drawer, change the security mode that your Piper is in, and activate the siren using the Panic button.                                                         
    • To expand the Security Panel, tap on the drawer icon or swipe the Security Bar upwards.
  • Panic Button: Located on the bottom right-hand corner of the Dashboard, you can press and swipe the Panic Button icon left to manually activate the siren.
    • Using the Panic Button will bypass the Siren Lockout feature and sound the siren for 4 minutes regardless of Piper’s operating mode.
    • Tap on the Notable State icon in the Security Mode Wheel (see Notable States section for details) or siren deactivation icon on the bottom right-hand corner.
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