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In the Rules tab, users can set armed security mode rules, notification rules, and automation rules for wireless accessories. These rules activate when an event occurs or a specified condition is met. Piper automatically prioritizes security events, or events that may compromise the safety of your home.

Armed Security Mode Rules (Armed Away/Armed Stay)

Your Piper detects three main security events:

  • If Piper detects motion…
  • If the temperature changes…
  • If loud sound is detected…

If you have added wireless sensor accessories to your Piper, these sensors can trigger as security events as well. For example:

  • If Door Sensor opens…
  • If Flood Sensor detects water…

Tap on an event (such as “If Piper detects motion…”) to view a list of customizable security actions.

  • Security rules are a set of actions that respond to breached security events.
  • When events are detected, the security rules set by you will be activated.
  • Rules will only activate if the event is breached in the specific security mode they are set for.

To set security rules, follow these steps:

  1. Select the security mode for which you would like to set rules.
  2. Tap on the event you would like to set security rules for.
  3. Enable the desired security rule by toggling the control.

Note: Piper cannot be armed if there are no rules associated with the security mode. If you try to switch Piper to an armed mode without any rules, a dialogue box will notify you.

More about rules:

  • When the “Record video clip” security rule is activated, Piper will automatically record a 35-second clip of the security event taking place—the first 5 seconds prior to the event, and the proceeding 30 seconds of footage.
  • Security rules chosen by the user will be applied to all Pipers on the same account. Owners with multiple Pipers cannot set customizable security rules for different Pipers in a home.                 
  • If the siren is activated during a security event, it will sound for 4 minutes before automatically turning off.

Note: If a security rule is triggered while in an armed mode, Piper will enter a notable state and display information on the Dashboard. For more information, see the Notable States section.

Notification Rules

You can receive a notification when a specific event is detected, regardless of the security mode Piper is in. You can choose to receive this notification directly to the mobile app (via push a notification) or via an email.

To set Notification rules:

  1. Go to the Notifications section of the Rules screen.
  2. Tap on the event for which you would like to receive notifications and toggle the control to enable the setting.
  3. Select how you wish to be notified.

Automation Rules

  • The Automations section of the Rules tab allows you to customize automations for wireless accessories connected to household appliances.
  • Automations displays a list of the control accessories currently connected with the Piper system. Tap on an accessory’s name to view or edit the rules assigned to it.
  • There are three automation types for accessories: Schedule, Temperature, and Ambient Light.
  • Select an accessory’s automation type to open its settings.


Use the Schedule automation type to set "turn on" and "turn off" times for the household appliance that is plugged into the associated wireless accessory. Independent settings for weekdays and weekends can be configured.

To set a Schedule automation:

  1. Enable "turn on" and "turn off" times by toggling the schedule you wish to set.
  2. Tap on the time to adjust the hour and minutes.


A threshold temperature can be set for the automatic activation of either a space heater or air conditioner that is plugged into the associated wireless accessory. The appliance will be automatically turned off when the temperature goes back to being above or below the threshold. 

To set a Temperature automation:

  1. Toggle the checkbox to turn on temperature automation rule.
  2. Choose whether your household appliance should activate when the room temperature goes above or falls below the temperature threshold.
  3. Set the threshold temperature.

Ambient Light

This category turns a light or other appliance on automatically when Piper detects that the ambient light has decreased, and its environment is dark.

To set an Ambient Light automation:

  1. Toggle the control on to enable the Ambient Light automation rule.
  2. Enable “Turn off after” and tap on the desired number of hours to choose when the connected appliance should be switched off.
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